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Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, is one of the world's trendiest places and also one of the fastest growing cities currently on the globe. We offer car hire from several locations within Dubai. Dubai is a place that only a few people were talking about ten years ago seems to invite itself into every conversation nowadays; leisure or business, young and old, everybody is talking about it. This huge enthusiasm about Dubai and the never ending list of world records being established during the last decade assured Dubai a place on the map of today's most renowned cities.

How this small trading harbor in the middle of the Persian Gulf did became an unavoidable hub in global export and import, and a sought-after luxurious place for leisure and tourism?

Let's start with some history. Dubai is technically not a city but an emirate (a kind of state), which forms together with Abu Dhabi and five other small emirates - the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi is the capital state and also the biggest state by far (70% by area); Dubai is the second largest emirate and also the most high profile one. In the early 1800 Dubai was merely a coastal settlement made of fisherman, pearl divers and traders coming from Iran, Saudi Arabia and around the Middle Eastern region. The local rulers (called 'sheikhs') at the time had granted attractive tax concessions to foreign traders encouraging the economic development. There are many car hire locations throughout the United Arab Emirates (UAE) so picking up a hire car and driving across the regions is simple.

Today Abu Dhabi is blessed with huge reserves of oil under its soil (an estimated 10% of the world's oil reserves), Dubai not having the same oil reserves therefore to secure its future, Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the father of the current ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed, had the great vision to make of Dubai a world class city on the economic and leisure fronts.

Today Dubai still enjoys a very favorable personal income tax rate of 0%, attracting the biggest companies to establish offices here. While most western countries are still struggling from the economic recession of 2008, Dubai's economy is growing at a fast pace again.

One of the visions for the future of Dubai is to become the world's number 1 family holiday destination. To achieve this there is a permanent construction of new hotels across the city. Some of the most luxurious hotels are already established here, like the Burj Al Arab the world's first 7 star hotel built on a man-made island, a (1053 feet) 321m high construction in the recognizable shape of a futuristic sailboat, has become one of Dubai's icons. Most of the global hotel groups have their brand represented in Dubai.

The Burj Khalifa is the world's tallest building (830m), finished in 2009, and is overlooking the Dubai mall, the largest mall by area. It includes an ice skating rink, a movie theater, and an amusement park.

The Palm Jumeirah is a 5x5 km (3x3 miles) man-made island reaching up to 6 km from the coast into the sea. Its reclaimed land is divided between hotels, holiday houses and private homes. Some of the worlds famous have bought property on the Palm like former US president Bill Clinton and David Beckham.

Getting around Dubai is fairly easy, renting a hire car gives you the ease to drive and visit other emirates like Abu Dhabi, Ras al Kaimah or take a trip to Muscat the capital of Oman (a 5 hour drive). Driving in Dubai is mostly civilized, well signed posted modern roads and highways. It is not uncommon to see the latest Ferrari and Lamborghinis, Porsche etc. You can use the Instant car hire quoter above to get a quote for car hire in Dubai and other UAE locations.

How to get to Dubai? The easiest and almost only way to come to Dubai is by air. Dubai International airport (DXB) is home to Emirates airlines, todays' largest airline (in number of passengers). Its service earned the prestigious Skytrax award of 'World's best airline' in 2013. It currently operates to 147 destinations worldwide. Most other major airlines also operate regular flights into Dubai from major cities.

Dubai has been selected to host the world's Expo of 2020 and has many multibillion projects planned before 2020 for a total spending of 88 billion Dhs (24b$).

Dubai is well worth adding to your travel adventures……

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