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Car Hire in Turkey

We provide car hire in Turkey in all the most popular tourist areas. Turkey is a country of great surprises. The only nation in the world with a foot in two different continents (the majority of the state of Turkey is in Asia, while a small north-western corner sits in Europe), Turkey covers a vast area by European standards, although the population is a mere 74 million people.

Turkey is well-known for being one of the oldest civilisations in the world and, indeed, some of Turkey's highlights are its ancient sites. Many of these can be accessed from the small towns situated on the Aegean coast between the vibrant city of Izmir and the stunning fishing town of Bodrum. We have car hire depots in both of these locations. The most famous of these is the lost city of Ephesus, a few miles south of Izmir. Ephesus survives almost as it was left in the tenth century BC and one can easily spend a whole day strolling around the lost city's library, shops and homes. Theatre was a major part of the ancient society of Turkey and several outstanding examples of amphitheatres survive in the Aegean coastal towns. These tend to be under-promoted, found by chance off country lanes by unsuspecting tourists who have no idea of the treasures which await.

One of the more publicised ancient sites is the Temple of Apollo in Didim, again, conveniently located by the beachside haven of Altinkum on the coast. It is certainly worth using your hire car to drive to Altinkum. After several visits to this site, every single time I risk a crick in my neck to take in the ancient structure I am overawed by its magnificence. If a change of scene is in order, one can take a ferry from the town of Didim to the Greek island of Cos - taking approximately an hour each way, the regular ferries make it easy to visit Greece for lunch!

Further inland is the city of hot springs and travertines known as Pammukale. This incredible site is around five hours' drive in your hire car from the fishing towns, but many reputable tour operators offer one day and overnight tours to the region. It is very possible to drive your rental car to Pammukale, although the length of the journey, the hot Turkish climate and the time you will be sure to spend wandering around the spectacular location will mean you will probably want to stay in the region overnight.

In culinary terms, Turkey is possibly best known for its sugary confectionary - Turkish Delight. Other foods not to be missed are the local salad vegetables and cheeses and when you've tasted a Turkish olive, you will forever be disappointed by an olive grown anywhere else. As a Muslim country, many of Turkey's restaurants, even in the tourist areas, do not serve alcohol, however, the country is less strict than many in this respect and there are plenty of restaurants where you can enjoy a range of wines and local beers with your meal. Food tends to be very fresh and meals are well-balanced, particularly the local iskenda, which is a plate of meats, rice, vegetables and yoghurt on a bed of Turkish bread. Turkish coffee must be tasted to be believed - incredibly strong, you may not want to drink it too late in the evening. A small glass of traditional Turkish tea may be a more refreshing alternative.

Something not to be missed while in Turkey is the somewhat misnamed Turkish bath. Less of a relaxing bath than a hard-core pummelling, scrubbing and dousing with ice-cold water, for the hard of heart a Turkish bath will leave you feeling cleaner than you ever have before. More traditional massages, pedicures and gentler pamper treatments are always available for the less adventurous.

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