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Travel Guide - Travelling - Page 16

Leper / Ypres - Part 1
The city of the poppy flower. The Great War Ypres is known, especially among the British, for its war monuments and trenches. The Menin Gate -or Menenpoort in Flemish- in particular is one of those relic...
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Amsterdam: An overview - Part 2
Exploring Amsterdam is something I never tire of, the characteristic canals surrounded by narrow, low and crooked 17th-century houses. Central Amsterdam is possibly one of the best kept cities in Europe, which is as it should be for a UNESCO World He...
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Amsterdam: An overview - Part 1
I have been lucky enough to spend some time in many of the famous cities around the world so here are some overview guides to some of them. Before we get started I thought it would be useful to cover some of the basics first. A large ...
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Belgium - Ghent public art
Ghent is dotted with odd sculptures, installations, and art interventions. Some were created for art festivals and some are simply baffling. A festival called Track, which runs in September, aims to use the entire city as a gallery. T...
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Cyprus: City of Larnaca - Part 6
The Agios Minas convent is situated in Kato Drys village 39km from Larnaca. The convent dates back to the 15th century with Byzantine and Gothic styles. On the North and South walls there are two large paintings of Agios Georgios and Agios Minas date...
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Cyprus: city of Larnaca - Part 5
Choirokitia is an archaeological site that has been listed by UNESCO since 1998. It is a site you can visit and is only 32km from Larnaca or 48km south of Nicosia. It is a well preserved settlement from the Neolithic Age. Artefacts from all phases of...
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Germany: Swabian Mountains
If you take a trip to the Southwest of Stuttgart in Germany you will find the green and unspoiled Swabian Mountains which stretch for a total of about 125miles. Swabia is a source of many delights with the major areas being history an...
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Germany: Lake Constance - Part 2
There has been civilization living in, on and around the Lake Constance area since prehistoric times. This is part of the reason that UNESCO has classified the region’s lake dwellings, which are houses built on stilts, as a World Heritage area. You c...
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Germany: Lake Constance
Known as the Bodensee in German, Lake Constance is one of Europe’s most beautiful lakes. To the South are the snow-tipped Swiss Alps, on the North side, in Southwest Germany are orchards, vineyards and photogenic villages. Only 40 miles, the lake is ...
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Germany: City of Heidelberg
Romantic is the only way to describe Heidelberg. It is a photographer’s delight, from the 18th century Alte Brucke, the red sandstone bridge on the Neckar River, to the Castle that dominates the city. Built as a medieval fort and then converted into ...
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Germany: The Black Forest - Part 1
The area is famous of its cuckoo clocks and special cake, the Black Forest has always been-and still is-romantic. A range of low mountains, rising from 3, 000-5, 000 feet the Black Forest is pine-tree green rather than black, with clean clear lakes, ...
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Belgium city of Tongeren
Tongeren the oldest city in Belgium. When a town promotes itself as the oldest in Belgium, it’s tempting to wonder how much evidence of this claim is still visible. Visit Tongeren, and its credentials are right in front of you: city w...
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Belgium city of Hasselt
Hasselt, tucked between the Albert Canal and the A13 motorway on the mid-east side of Belgium, is something of an ambiguous city. It' s called the capital of Belgian Limburg. It has an exquisite medieval street-plan, but most of its medieval charm se...
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Belgium cities at the coast - Part 2
Belgium cities at the coast part2 Nieuwpoort claims to have the biggest yacht port in Northern Europe, with more than 2, 000 moorings. There’s the World War One memorial statue of King Albert I as well, with a visitor centre to mark th...
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Belgium: Cities at the coast - Part 1
BELGIUM cities at the coast (part 1) The Belgian coast stretches over 67 kilometres between France and the Netherlands. Ten communities each other with their own character offer every visitor something to taste. Even if...
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Germany: City of Mannheim
The Rhine and Neckar rivers meet at Southwest Germany’s second largest city, where tradition is matched with innovation. The grid like street pattern dates back four centuries, the handsome 250-year old Schloss Manheim (Palace) is one of the country’...
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Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic has undergone some major changesin the last few years, starting with the airport which now features six rush roofs instead of one! And this is just one example. Charming holiday resorts have sprung up, while the originals have ...
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Germany: City of Baden - Part 2
One of Europe’s most famous spa resorts is elegant Baden where you can soak in the purest water, in two luxurious spas: the historic Friedrischsbad, with its 16-stage cleansing treatment, and the contemporary Caracalla Spa. There are also treatment f...
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Germany: City of Baden - Part 1
Baden is a city in Southwest Germany of Elegance and Sophistication. It is a five star resort city on the edge of Black Forest . Bad means baths, is the old fashion term for spa and the hot. Healing mineral waters here have been popular for 2, 000 ye...
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Cyprus - City of Larnaca - Part 3
Local museum-mosques and churches MUNICIPAL MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY . The museum displays large collections of local reptiles, rare insects, birds, animals as well as fossils and marine life species from Cyprus and neighbouring count...
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